To love and be loved


In recent years, I have found that I can easily write about love, I can easily convey everything that is in my soul. In my older blog posts, on social media, in my books, love was usually a central theme, and I always let the thoughts in me make their way. It was quite strange that today I swung at him three times to 'write down' my thoughts. Of course, I know that I am also not exempt from celestial influences and current energies, and when the planet representing love and emotions /Venus/ receives momentum and braking at the same time in the zodiac sign representing communication, it is a challenging task for me as well.

I think that every person wants to be loved and to be able to give love to those around them, since in this 'state of being' we feel happy and balanced. Of course, living through this is by no means such an easy task, since most people get injuries and wounds from their parents and their close environment already in childhood, which prevent them from expressing their emotions freely. That's why many people switch to hiding mode, put on a mask and constantly play a role, always the one that the given situation requires of them. Because of this, adult relationships are damaged, run aground, and in many cases represent new and new failures for the person. Few of the people living in strained relationships look for the reasons, the root problem in their past, typically the focus is on blaming each other. They don't think about the fact that they both carry heavy burdens in their 'backpacks', which prevents them from showing themselves clearly and experiencing themselves side by side. In well-functioning relationships, the parties not only physically strip naked, but also show their deepest fears and desires to their partner, and by being present without masks, they give themselves the opportunity for pure connection, which is the basis of a balanced relationship. I want to love you well, but I can't, I want you to love me back, but I feel like I'm not getting what I want in a relationship. Maybe some of you can identify with this sentence. After all, experiencing mutual, pure love is not such an easy task. Loving another person well is extremely difficult, but we have a few decades to experience what it's like to be cleanly, selflessly, and responsibly in a relationship. It is a long inner journey in which we can finally find ourselves, our values, the love within us, which we can share with our partner.

To love and be loved... What can it mean? I am myself with you, I communicate my thoughts clearly, and I show my emotions, even if I might be hurt or feel a loss because of it. I strive for honesty and respect in all situations. I give you space, freedom, while constantly creating the possibility for us to have common experiences in the relationship. I focus on the solution in conflicts. I listen to you and if you ask, I support you, I listen to you like a good friend and in any case I take responsibility for my thoughts and actions. My past doesn't haunt my present, I don't blame you for my past wounds, but I make them aware and heal them with inner work. I hold a clear mirror for you so that you can see yourself in it, and if necessary, you can change, rise above your limitations, and be present in our relationship armed with brave, honest, selfless love.

Felicity Sheer