Soulmate - The reality behind the illusion


It is difficult to correctly define what a soulmate means, since this concept is a bit elusive in the three-dimensional world. First of all, I would like to dispel possible mistakes, all illusions when someone may think that he has already found his true partner. A soul mate is not the same as a partner who we hope will make our dreams come true, who will provide us with a life in which we can live together in emotional and financial security until death do us part. This person is not a mother or a father, who brings into our lives everything that we did not receive from our parents in our childhood, but that our souls still yearn for. She is not only the mother or father of our children, because of this her role is not limited to starting a family. Not a special friend who can cheer us up on the darkest days, on whose shoulder we can cry our biggest pains. And he is definitely not a person who maintains our sex life.

A soulmate is a person with whom we can grow, sometimes through particularly difficult periods, who holds a clear mirror, and if we look into it, we can see ourselves, our shadow as well as our brighter side. A partner with whom we can feel from the beginning that he is an open book for us. We can have that feeling we met each other for a thousand years and we can see ourselves in his eyes. Spiritually developed persons can discover the experiences of several lives in the other in such an encounter. A soul mate is a person to whom we are deeply attached, and despite the physical distance, we can feel their joy, their pain, their whole being, because we are primarily spiritually connected. In addition to the spiritual bond, there is also a strong physical attraction, but it never comes first, because this kind of relationship is not about the body, but rather the meeting of souls. Meeting him is fateful, inevitable and usually cathartic.

That is why we will most likely not find our soulmate on internet dating sites or in some entertainment venue, but life will simply throw him into our life when we are ready for it, usually at a completely unexpected time and situation. The question may arise: When are we ready? When we have worked on ourselves, when the destinies of two people collide in the world of space and time. And after that, it's up to us what we do with the opportunity, whether we have the courage to open in a painfully beautiful, yet uplifting direction, or whether we remain on the ground of predictability. Anyone who undertakes such a relationship will have not only incredibly beautiful moments, but also hard trials, since in such a relationship both parties strongly polish the other, and this work is sometimes extremely painful. However, those who go through the various stages of joint development will feel after a while that they have reached home, their souls are smiling, they are in a relationship where they feel the Source in themselves and in their partner.

Felicity Sheer