What does freedom mean to you?


After the burdened, 'closed' years, freedom has probably increased in value for many people. Before that, it was natural for us to travel wherever, as well as to go to community and cultural events when we felt like it. There were no limits, no rules to follow, and this was a huge treasure, but in order for us to realize this, we had to lose all of that for a period of time.

In fact, so far I have only mentioned one segment of freedom, which, however, has had a great impact on everyday life. Freedom is not only about not being restricted in our movements, but also about how we can live ourselves in the world, how we dare to live our desires, our fears, our joys, our pains, everything that is inside us. How bravely do we communicate these inner contents to the outside world without activating the negative schemas fixed in us. Probably few dare to take on themselves fully, because in this case vulnerability, fear of loss, loss of security can hover over our heads, and then the already well-established, well-established everyday reality would fall apart. Therefore, most people choose to play safe, which is actually a risky, energy-consuming and inauthentic way of life.

It takes a lot of courage and awareness to speak, act, and feel freely. If you connect with the other person in this way, then on the one hand, you will not develop a false image of you, which can be unmasked at any time, and on the other hand, you will save yourself an enormous amount of energy. This requires that you accept who you are, including your weaknesses and shortcomings, and take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. This usually happens when your growth and awakening happen in parallel. After all, we all grow up, although there are some who get stuck while growing up /more on that later/, but only a few of us wake up, even though if the two processes go hand in hand, then freedom is already a consciously chosen way of being, where you bravely live yourself.

How free are you in your environment, in your family, in your human relationships? How dare you show all that is inside of you? If you live in a shell, what fears are at work in you that prevent you from taking responsibility? Are there helpful and supportive people in your life who encourage you to live freely in the world?

Felicity Sheer