Tale about Creation


What would you do if you could travel back in time, see yourself in your previous lives, meet your pains, your desires, your fears? Would you run away or face them and try to override them?

A strange and attractive woman wanders through lifetimes, from one historical era to the next. She is like all people, but whoever meets her knows that her earthly clothes are just a disguise, that she is mysterious and indecipherable. Her eyes show a lot of stories, which is why he is called the Storyteller. She is endowed with supernatural powers, she can travel freely in space and time, she affects its surroundings with its energy and light. With a single move, she prevents anyone from harming her and stopping her from doing her job. Wherever she goes, she leaves her mark, sometimes burning everything. It seems she do nothing, but she does so much.

Rose, Ryan and Patryck also meet her, and a very extraordinary relationship develops between them. All three relate to her differently, which makes it difficult to work together with the Storyteller. She turns their lives upside down and offers them an opportunity that is unique and unrepeatable.