In a web of karmic relationships


I was not aware of the exact meaning of the word karma when I was a child, but I quickly learned that everything has consequences, every word spoken, every action. Karma, the law of cause and effect. If we respect this law and live in the knowledge of it, then we strive to create positive karmic germs. Otherwise, we will face the same lesson and difficulty again and again. In my book, I said in relation to this topic that what you put into life is what you get out of it. If you give attention, help, love, kindness, it will come back to you. If you do not strive for positive actions, then the other person, as a teacher, as a mirror, will show you what a difficult and painful life you are creating.

The greatest karmic teachings come through the people close to us. These teachings can be easier or very painful, depending on where we are in our development, how conscious we are in life. In many cases, the relationship with our parents and partner is painful, while in others it is loving. Although, according to my experience, painful relationships are the majority. It is very rare to find a family environment where you can feel safe and loved, either as a child or as an adult. On the one hand, it is also a generational problem, and on the other hand, if our relationships were ideal, there would be no driving force that would encourage us to look within ourselves and change. However, development is possible through internal work and change.

The most exciting thing is when you understand with whom you have undertaken what task, who is teaching you what in life. Obviously, for this you have to analyze your relationships, you have to recognize the repeating patterns, the recurring lessons. You can do this in many ways, with family planning, meditation, hypnosis, depending on which method you can accept. If none of the above stirs your imagination, then simply be an outside observer of your own life. Stop sometimes and look at events as an outsider, without emotion, without bias, and without judgment. Watch the recurring lessons and the reactions to them, they tell a lot about what two people are teaching each other.

I was always an observant type, I watched the world and the people, and I started to realize very early on why who came into my life and what tasks I had with whom. I received confirmations about this through meditations and while writing my books, as I brought the stories to the surface from the subconscious. So I gradually had a clearer and clearer picture. However, by knowing my own story, I consciously try to solve the tasks that I undertook with the characters in my life.

Self-awareness questions: How does karma appear in your life? Do you see the connections between the events? Who are your greatest teachers? What lessons do you face, how do you solve them?

Felicity Sheer

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Felicity Sheer