Getting stuck in pain


Anyone who knows me probably knows that my thoughts, which I publish, are always closely related to the current energies, which some people experience consciously, while others drift incomprehensibly in the current life situation. Nowadays, we may encounter pain more intensively through different areas of life. Pain, like it or not, is part of our lives. There is no human destiny in which there is no difficulty, deadlock, crisis, crisis. These are all great teachers for us if we pay close attention and look for the 'why' behind them. Few people see their life as a complete story, in which you can recognize the individual characters, what task they came to us with, and what they teach us. On the other hand, those who have 'open eyes' can even use pain as a springboard, where they first experience it, understand it, and then, enriched with experience, move forward in life more consciously.

Pain can be of several types /physical, mental/, but its existence always draws our attention to something. Of course, it is up to us how we react to a difficult life situation. Pain cannot be avoided, nor is it worth suppressing it, because its blockage in the subconscious may appear in the form of some kind of illness, so it is best to accept that it is a part of our lives at the present moment. Just as we go through different stages in grief, there are also different stages in painful experiences, and we can never miss one. Those who are experiencing a relationship crisis cannot skip the unpleasant parts while expecting that things will resolve themselves and everything can continue to flow in the old way. You have to experience the loss, the accompanying pain, anger, disappointment, these are natural human reactions in this case. However, when the person leaves the stage of blaming the other and self-mutilation to the next stage, it is worth examining what was his responsibility in the story. Once you see this clearly, you can then move up from the bottom of the well and start building your new life, in which, if you are lucky, it will no longer be the same as it was before, but more consciously, getting rid of the old mistakes and rising above them, you can enter the your new life.

We all have weaknesses, recurring problems and pains. How do we relate to pain and difficulties? It is worth observing these and thinking about what could be the reason why we walk down the same street more than once, attract similar partners into our lives, and react similarly to difficulties. Where does this reaction come from, from whom did we learn to approach human relationships and life this way? What do we have to learn, how can we rewrite the old patterns, so that our lives are more complete, and last but not least, so that we can meet the Love within us.

Felicity Sheer