I live according to my principles and convictions


In the previous posts, I discussed general topics that apply to everyone through the events of the past period, which changed our lives to a great extent. It was about the closed world we left behind, its difficulties, experiencing pain, processing it, and whether we were able to transform ourselves as a result of all this, whether we used the power of transformation. These themes were in tune with the current energies, actually inspired by them, and I just 'wrote them down'. From now on, I would like to switch to a more personal tone, regardless of this, what I have to say can be used by anyone who does internal work.

As can be read in the title, I act according to my principles, I live my life according to them. I'm not sure that I chose the easiest path, but at least I can look in the mirror every day and my conscience is clear. Probably not everyone agrees with me, not everyone sees life in a similar way, but this is not a problem, because for me the principle of living and letting live, acceptance is one of the most important 'laws' in my life. My inner convictions and belief system became richer every year, and many things came up from the subconscious to the conscious surface. Although I didn't voice everything I believed in at first, it took me a few decades to make them available to others through my work, blogs, or books. Perhaps my most important and deepest conviction is that I should listen to my inner compass, even when I feel that good things are waiting for me, even when I am facing difficulties. Even when other people nod to my thoughts and ideas, even when they fight against them. In such cases, we usually build a bridge where the viewpoints can meet in the middle and try to find a common cross-section. There was a time when I avoided tense situations, I didn't like to be confrontational, / actually I don't like it now either, but I took it for granted that it's part of life/ I thought that every situation could be solved peacefully. You can't... but you can strive for assertive communication, and this can be a humane solution.

There are relatively few people on this road, where I walk, so sometimes I feel alone in the crowd. Sometimes I look around to see if I can see a few more clear, sparkling eyes around me, in which you can see straightness, honesty, and authenticity, and I acknowledge with pleasure when I meet such seekers. After all, we are all seekers, looking for the truth, the meaning of life, happy moments, inner peace, universal laws. I believe that people who live according to similar principles find each other even in this chaotic, tense world, and I believe that we can make the world more livable with our thoughts and actions.

Self-knowledge questions: What principles do you follow? How do you enforce them in your environment? I'd rather give it up, be it the way you want it, is it still part of your life? If so, what prevents you from following your own path and representing your own principles? How do you relate to the other person's principles? Are you curious, are you open to others, do you want to understand what beliefs guide them? Do you know your partner's most important beliefs, do you respect them?

Felicity Sheer