The influence of the past period on our lives


I was silent for three years. The past few years have been a struggle for all of us. The question is what we brought with us from the 'closed' world, how the trials changed our world view and our everyday life.

I think that with the year 2020 a new era has begun in the world. The relative peace, freedom, and independence ended for us, and adapting to the limitations was not easy for everyone. Those who basically have a strong sense of control and following the rules were perhaps luckier, while those who have a hard time bearing restrictions and insist on their own independence to the end. However, the closed world drew attention not only to the value of our freedom, but also to how we can take responsibility for ourselves and our fellow human beings. This task was probably completed more easily by those in whose lives responsibility is present. They make responsible decisions in their family life and work, and if they make a mistake, they accept the consequences. In recent years, we had to grow up and become mature in order to adapt to the current difficulties and try to solve them to the best of our ability. I don't want to get into politics, I would just say that the war put a dot on the letter i. A new, unpredictable, difficult era has begun, and everyone in this world is taking exams, both individually and collectively.

Some questions worth looking for answers to: How many people were able to preserve their positive vision of the future, in how many families was there a sense of peace and security? How many relationships passed the 'exams', did the barriers tear the two people apart, or did they build a bridge? How many were able to stick together when the tensions were/are the worst? How many people tried to help their environment in the most difficult days? Where it has succeeded, people live their everyday lives in a higher, more conscious quality, paying attention to each other, supporting each other and being aware of the value of love, responsible, conscious thinking, which can help us through even the biggest storms.

Felicity Sheer