If I told you about angels, would you believe that they exist? Could you let them into your world? Could you immerse yourself in the wonder, without putting a barrier on your imagination, or would you search for proof of their existence at all costs?

Angel is a celestial creature dressed in an earthly clothes, entrusted with an important task. She was born into a world where no one understands her, maybe only a few people... She lives by different rules, sometimes she breaks them, she looks at people differently. Will it help or hinder her mission? Can she smuggle miracles into people's lives while experiencing the most beautiful gift on earth, love?

"Perhaps no one ever knew who I really was, where I came from. Just as they didn't know what mission the Creator intended for me before I was born. I kept the secret so that the miracle would mean the same thing to them when I will finally return home. Some of them could see into the mystery of life, they looked at the world differently... A gate was opened for them that connects the beautiful, bright reality with the illusion."