The power of transformation


When we hear the word transformation, we usually think of big things, in fact, all transformations have a transformative character. Obviously, those transformations and changes when we are forced to take big steps, when a butterfly is born from a caterpillar, are much more difficult to tolerate, greater endurance, faith, and inner strength are needed to survive them. When the transformation becomes timely in our lives, in ourselves, we generally react in two ways, either we strain the energy, we make the process difficult, we want to stay in the old pattern, life situation, or we go with the flow. When we get stuck in our old, familiar life, it can give us the illusion of security. When we let change push us in a different direction, step out of our comfortable comfort zone, into completely unknown waters, it can seem like we're losing everything that has provided us with constancy. We don't know what awaits us at the end of the road, we don't know if we will have enough strength to go the whole way, we don't know how the characters in our lives will react to the new situation. Torn between doubts and fears, we can do something, trust our inner compass and believe in the beneficial power of transformation. After all, everything happens for us, even when we experience the most difficult days and when we least believe that it is so.

Lately, we have been forced to transform, life simply did not give us any other option. As much as we wanted to keep the apparent safety of the past, we couldn't. In my experience, quite a few people stuck to the old world and resisted sweeping changes. Those who expanded the camp of renewal tried to move along with the often quite painful energies. In many cases, division was also typical within a family, and this tense energy could be enough to break the relationship and family bond, which was already based on shaky foundations, and the partners went in different directions. Emotionally developed partners were able to adapt better, on the one hand, they were open to what was happening in the world, and on the other hand, they were more accepting of the other party's emotional ups and downs. They tried to support each other and help each other in the more difficult periods, and this was enough for the relationship to reach a higher level despite the difficulties, and even as a result of them. External changes induced internal transformation. A part of humanity tried to live the old patterns in a new world, while others were transformed by the changes, looked at the problems from a different point of view and worked with different solutions.

Self-awareness questions: How do you survive the storms? You stare at the darkening sky and listen to the thunder in fear, or marvel at the enormous power of the elements, but you know, you believe, that the sun will always shine after the storm? When life forces you to change, do you give way to fear, seek safety, or try to go with the flow? Are you looking for the learning and development opportunity inherent in transformation? To what extent do you tolerate the other party going through an internal transformation, do you leave them alone, or are you curious about the changes taking place in them and support them in the process? How many life events could you list that were highly transformative for you? How did you react to the changed circumstances and energies, have you improved in this area recently?

Felicity Sheer