From light to illusion


The Earth is suffering because humanity has not respected it, but exploited it for thousands of years. Light and love only flicker, as people seek their happiness through material things. Real, pure emotions are only known from movies or books, so they are mostly only present as concepts in the minds of people.

Can the process be changed, can the old pattern be overwritten? On the blue star, they constantly monitor the development of each planet and decide to intervene. Three souls are incarnated into the earthly world, with the aim of bringing light and love to the inhabitants of the earth. Maya and Chris experience at a young age that they are somehow different from other people and they feel such a deep emotion and love towards each other, which is sometimes a blessing, sometimes a difficulty in their relationship. From the story, we can learn how they manage to remember the task they have undertaken and how they connect, despite earthly limitations and difficulties, here in the third dimension.