Esoteric Books

Angel- Rebirth


If I were talking about angels, would you believe they existed? You can let them into your world? You can dive into the miracle without looking for proof of their existence at all costs?

What would you do if you could travel back in time, see yourself in your previous lives, meet your pains, your desires, your fears? Would you run away or face them and try to overwrite them?



Can there be pure love that transcends human emotions, where you and I are not separated, but both people see themselves as part of the One? How can you live this higher love in a limited, rule-filled world? Are social expectations and unwritten moral laws also true for such encounters? What is the real purpose of having two people so...

The Earth suffers because humanity has not respected it but exploited it for thousands of years. Light and love only shimmer as people seek out their happiness through matter. True, pure emotions are only known from movies or books, so they are only present as concepts in the minds of the earthlings.

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