About the author

Rajmon Beata, the author graduated as an economist from the Berzsenyi Daniel College in Szombathely, then went on to study in a completely different direction. She attended Life-Coah training and then studied hermetic astrology at Gönczöl Free University.

She worked in the helping profession for many years, practicing as a life coach and astrologer. By combining the two methods, she helped her clients turn to them. Later, personal support work was replaced by book writing. Before the books, the author has already appeared in the media. / In the Women's Lap Café we read about forgiveness, relationship issues, Familyinet Magazine about spiritual healing, and Cosmopolitan Magazine about violent friendships (Help, my best friend is a troll! February 2017 issue) /

Books: Lightcontract (2019), From The Light to Illusion (2019), Tale of Creation (2019), Angel-Rebirth (2020)

The main message of her books is: finding ourselves, understanding the functioning of karma, experiencing universal law, experiencing love, discovering the light within us

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